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Health Benefits of Camel Milk

Augusta DeLisi – Founder & CEO

Health & Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer & Social Entrepreneur

Camel milk transformed my health. As a personal trainer and health coach, my energy is my greatest asset. I am constantly seeking ingredients to optimize my energy.  When I began dealing with a devastating  loss of energy from autoimmune health related problems, I turned to the belief “Let Food should be thy medicine” knowing that what we eat either feeds disease or prevents it. 

I first discovered the benefits of camel milk when I moved to the United Arab Emirates capital city Abu Dhabi back in 2013. I quickly discovered that Camels hold a unique significance to the culture and there’s a good reason why. 

When I discovered the wondrous health benefits of camel milk for diabetes, lactose intolerance, autoimmunity and beyond I knew it was something I wanted to share with the world. Especially after my health drastically improved after drinking the milk daily.
Yet I found myself asking, would it be possible to find a model for a humane relationship between humans, animals, and the environment in a way that no one is exploited?

That was when I set out to the most ethically sourced camel milk in the world to create environmentally friendly, immunity boosting health products. We joined forces with Camel Charisma on the cruelty free camel milk movement, and thus Nomadic Nutrition was born…

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Nomadic Nutrition, is developing functional health products made with camel milk that are better for your body, animal welfare, and the environment. Food should be our medicine.  What we eat matters!  Our products target the health compromised and the fitness enthusiasts.  We believe that camel milk can serve as a powerful elixir in modern life. 

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