Nomadic Nutrition is a UAE based health foods company developing functional snack products made with camel milk. Driven by impact and the belief that “food should be our medicine”.

We aim to be pioneers in the “ Cruelty free” camel milk movement and carve out a more animal and environment friendly niche. Cow’s milk is hurting our bodies and the planet!

Did you know that 65% of people/ The population have a reduced ability to digest lactose? There is a global demand for cruelty free dairy alternatives and “better for you” products, but many of our plant based milks are doing more environmental harm, are not sustainable for the planet, and have a low nutrient density. Like our desert dwelling ancestors, we believe that camel milk can serve as a powerful elixir for the needs of modern Nomadic Life.

Our products are cruelty free, environment friendly, and boost immunity. Targeting health conscious consumers and sports performance, our products showcase the wondrous health benefits of camel milk in a unique, delicious, travel friendly way.