“I experienced an incredible health transformation when I began consuming camel milk daily and now I am on a mission to share it with the world! “

Augusta Delisi • Founder & CEO, Nomadic Nutrition

We are a UAE based health foods company developing functional snack products made with camel milk. Driven by impact and the belief that “food should be our medicine”. Our products showcase the wondrous health benefits of camel milk in a unique travel friendly way! The traditional dairy sector is flawed! 

Cow’s milk is hurting our bodies and the planet. We are pioneers in the Cruelty Free dairy alternative movement by supporting pastoralists who love and respect their animals – As the founder of two non profit animal rescue organizations, I was on a mission to find the most ethically sourced camel milk on the planet. Animals come first, business comes second.

We partnered with Camel Charisma, a social enterprise founded by Dr. Ilse Köhler-Rollefson and her partner Hanwant Singh Rathore and who have been working to support the Raika, a camel herding caste in Rajasthan, India for more than a quarter of a century. The Raika treat their camels as members of the family, instead of units of production. Free roaming camels are kept in a nomadic system and feed off a large diversity of over 25 medicinal Ayurvedic plants, and never separate the mothers and their young.

These Nomadic herders have developed a sustainable and efficient use of resources in which there is a unique + mutually harmonious relationship between the Raika people, their camels, and the earth. Our partnership provides economic opportunity for the Raika and supports an animal friendly production system. We see this as an opportunity to carve out a more animal friendly, environment friendly, sustainable niche.

Our business model is focused on a cruelty free, “PLANT based” diet. What we eat matters. Where it comes from, matters. The treatment of each living being involved in the production process, matters. We are a socially responsible business driven by a moral compass. This is what we believe truly sets us apart!