Augusta Delisi

Founder | CEO

Health Coach + Personal Trainer, Social Entrepreneur 
Founder of two non profit organizations rooted in Animal welfare. 
Recipient of numerous domestic and international awards, Including the Unite4 Humanity Award, COSMO Middle East Fabulous Female Award.

As a personal trainer and health coach, My energy is my greatest asset.  Autoimmune health issues led me to change the way I fueled my body, with the believe that “Food should be our medicine.” I switched to a plant based diet, but found that most dairy alternatives lacked vital nutrients to fuel my body with the energy I needed to show up as my best. 

I experienced an incredible health transformation when I began consuming camel milk daily and now I am on a mission to share it with the world!  

Frank Delisi

Chairman of the Board

An accomplished healthcare executive with over 30 years of experience in strategic leadership roles. 
Currently serves as Group Senior Vice President of Operations for NMC Healthcare. 
Previously 2013- 2020 served Abu Dhabi Health Services company as Group Chief Operating Officer.