The Dairy Problem

Camel Milk vs Plant-Based Milk vs Cow Milk

  • Approximately 65% of people have a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy.
  • 9.3% of the global population has diabetes, and 16% of people in the UAE, have one of the highest rates in the world!
  • Obesity and malnourishment are BOTH at an all-time high.
  • We are overweight and yet undernourished.
  • Performance-driven athletes often find that protein and snack bites are loaded with allergens and artificial ingredients.

Nomadic Nutrition, is developing functional health products made with camel milk that are better for your body, animal welfare, and the environment.
Food should be our medicine.  What we eat matters!  Our products target the health compromised and the fitness enthusiasts.  We believe that camel milk can serve as a powerful elixr in modern life.

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